chapter 1 – the astounding / 第一章・驚天動地

Along the way to his room, Maiya encountered many different figures and this surprised him quite a bit especially since there were a lot of different people, of different races and different figures. Humans, halflings, those who were tal, and those who were short. It amazed Maiya to see so much diversity within the community he was supposed to intermingle within and to [i]belong[/i] in. He was ignored by everyone, much to his relief, but he was nearing his room. The door was ajar, but was closed tightly when he left and made sure that it was so. Maiya was intrigued, and subsequently neared the door and opened it. Three people were inside his room, all of whom were girls who were taller than he was, but looked surprisingly young. The three of them curtseyed in their modest, white-laced dresses and smiled at Maiya. The halfling boy was shocked in his mind, but tried to act instinctively and calmly. “Do… I know you people?” Maiya asked. The one in the middle shook her head. “Ahah, we completely forgot,” she said. “Well, let us introduce ourselves. My name is Yuria,” she said. “The two to my side are Mayoi to the left and Kakute to the right.”


The four of them conversed about the Yatenshiro itself, and about the past of Maiya. Maiya wanted to ask why he was asked to come here, but there was a rapid effort to change the subject. Which was rather successful. It bugged Maiya but he really did not mind. Kakute then made a mention that it was getting late. Maiya was urged by the inner sanctum of his mind that it was a stupid statement as it always looks late, but was apparently mind-slapped by Mayoi, who glared at Maiya as if in indication that Maiya was going to say something silly. It gave him a minor headache that dissipated much like the pain of a slap. Maiya chuckled softly and so did Yuria, who did notice the event that had transpired just now. Soon everyone started to laugh. Laugh into the depths of the true, blue night.


Maiya was then told by Kakute that he should go to bed. That was advice well taken, as Maiya had already popped into the bed in an attempt to go to sleep. The candles were blown out and Mayoi and Kakute had left promptly. Yuria, however, stayed behind for a few moments as if compelled to do something, that little [i]something[/i] to Maiya, but she snapped out of her carnal stupor and left. The night began to draw on, and eventually nearly everyone in the Yatenshiro was asleep. However, in the middle of this darkest night, a figure intruded into the room of Maiya, as the door lock was then broken by the aforementioned intruder. Maiya shook slightly as he reacted to the soft door creaks and the soft footsteps of the intruder. He didn’t know it was actually Sayuri, who came just to “look” at Maiya. [i]He seems like the perfect candidate,[/i] Sayuri thought within her mind. [i]I think I’ll tell him tomorrow.[/i] to which Sayuri smiled and stroked the sleeping Maiya’s body, filled with thoughts of carnal desire.


It was early, and it wasn’t as dark as the night-time. Maiya stretched as he awoke from his slumber, noting in his head that the beds were ‘amazing’ and made him ‘sleep like a log.’ Maiya then got out of bed and went to the bathroom to do his morning business, and then got dressed. When he went outside of his room, the four ladies from yesterday were right there. Several passerbies whispered [i]What are the Yatenyou doing in front of a newcomer’s room?[/i] which Maiya heard but ignored. He’d like to know the answer to that question too. Sayuri had a really big grin on her face, as if she had done something really naughty, and it scared Rin and Tsumiya quite a lot. “I have some good news for you, Ouji-sama!” Sayuri said with much ecstatic emphasis. “You will become the pinnacle of this Yatenshiro, the one in the highest of the highest echelons, the one at the throne~! The Ningyohime~~!” she squealed. Everyone froze, Maiya included. A moment after there was much chatter. “Are you crazy, Miko-sama?!” Tsumiya asked. “I mean, he looks the part, but how are we to know that you won’t do something dangerous to him!” she asked with a lot of concern. “What happened to the 1st Perfect Ningyohime!”

Maiya was clueless to what they were talking about, but he thought he didn’t want to know, either. Rin whispered an explanation softly into his ear, which tickled him and made him giggle. Sayuri blushed for some reason that was not fathomable to the average person, perhaps she was feeling pleasured by whatever it was Maiya did. It was an unhealthy compulsion, a disturbing impulse to be feeling, anyway.


Maiya was then taken by Sayuri to have a “talk” about Maiya’s new role…


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