prologue – the unprecedented / 序章・類の無い

Maiya had a rough day. He was especially lucky, as he had rather caring parents, despite the fact that he was a ninban. A half-breed. A monster. At least, to the human community… In any case, it was the time when Maiya had to leave the care of his parents and assume his own destiny. The revelation that had struck him was even within such small encasement. Those words. The encouragement of his ‘coming of age.’ Meld your own future. Go, and make us proud. They rang within Maiya’s mind so vividly. And even then, he wanted advice. His parents gave none, except for this – to visit the castle masked with eternal night. And indeed, that’s the path he intended to take. No matter what. No one was going to stop him…

The day was bleak. Maiya had assumed his own casual guise as he strolled across the forest path that extended from his residence secluded from the ningen community, for he would be ridiculed and smattered with prejudiced remarks and racial slurs. Even abused. It was for his own good. Maiya seriously didn’t mind having to go through this path, in his own honest mind. The forest exuded this aura of tranquility that calmed him. It was as if he wanted to stay here forever. However, there were times when moving on was necessary. It was of paramount importance. Maiya sighed, snapping out of his fantasy of the spring-time, the calming sound of the trees rustling in the gentle zephyr. He looked further on as he continued to walk slowly again.

As he had left the vicinity of the forest, Maiya turned around and spent a few moments looking back. The wind started to get stronger gradually. Maiya’s robes started to flutter a little, much to Maiya’s chagrin. He fixed his long hair, not bothering to contend with his perpetual platinum-white bangs. It annoyed him, but not enough for him to do something about it. The astute would’ve seen Maiya shed a tear of remembrance, but there was no one there. Maiya turned forward and continued to walk towards nothing…

Towards nothing, but the castle masked with eternal night…


Maiya had finally arrived. He could tell it was late, but he couldn’t quite tell how late it was. But, he could feel a presence, as if something had already awaited him. He was standing at the giant doors after walking through the rugged, yet well-maintained portmanteau of this antiquated castle, yet still in working condition. The doors opened of its own accord. The castle which he had entered was massive, despite Maiya not actually knowing. What this was, it was a citadel in its own. A marvel of all of universe’s children. But, Maiya did not have time to take in its magnificence. There was a crowd of people already there, as if they expected Maiya’s arrival.

Four prominent figures stood amongst the crowd, and they made themselves very noticeable. They were all females, but one particularly struck Maiya as scary and intimidating. Maiya’s parents were right in coming here. There was certainly something most compelling about this castle. Again, Maiya lacked the time to contemplate. He was immediately bombarded with speech from the four ladies.

“Just who we expected!” the tallest one said. She was the one who appeared most scary to Maiya. She was wearing what appeared to be some eastern-origin wear, however, it is facetiously mixed with a witch’s hat. Her smile was especially mischievous.

The second one gently nudged the lady with the witch’s hat. “Greet him, or are you already thinking of it?!” she whispered inaudibly. The lady wearing the hat, who stood to the left most of the four, proceeded to introduce themselves.

“I am the Miko-sama. But, please, call me Sayuri.” the tallest lady said.
“They call me the Hime-sama! You can call me Tsumiya, though.” the second lady said. She looked like the shortest, and appeared to be rather rash.
“My formal name is the Jo’ou-sama, but I’d prefer it if you skipped formalities and called me Rin.” the third lady said. She was shorter than Sayuri, but seemed far more older and mature.
“I guess that leaves me. I’m the Goshujin-sama. However, I’d like you to call me Seii.” the final one said. Seii had this majestic aura around her that made Maiya want to admire her.

Maiya was speechless. It was such a warm welcome, even though he had just arrived, and not even heard of this place before. It was an unprecendented, yet pleasant surprise. The crowd cheered, but after Rin had quietened them down, they cleared away, leaving the five of them alone.

“My guess is that you’ve only just entered, am I right?” Seii asked. Maiya simply nodded. He was too astonished to speak. “Hey, can you speak?” Tsumiya asked, in a slightly rude manner. This incited Maiya to speak.
“Uh… yes. Of course…” he said. He couldn’t help it, but to everyone, he sounded like a girl. The four ladies giggled. Sayuri’s grin became larger, and slightly more sly.
“Well, let us guide you on a tour~~!” Sayuri suggested. Maiya didn’t know whether to trust her, but Maiya needed to know this place… So he accepted.


After a long time, Maiya was exhausted. They had gone through literally all the corners of the castle, to which Maiya had learned it was called the Yatenshiro, and that the four ladies were the Yatenyo, or the Night Heaven’s Four. Maiya opted to go to his room, which he was shown to, to have a long rest. The Yatenyo agreed and let him go off. He was to face a pleasant surprise…


~ by 一条燐華 on March 12, 2007.

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  2. いいです。

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