chapter 2 – the irresistible / 第二章・止み難い

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chapter 2. the irresistible

When Maiya was within the confines of the grandiose room of Sayuri, filled with stuff which Maiya would much rather not know what they were. The things were in all shapes and sizes and it began to disturb Maiya more and more with each passing second. Sayuri still had a massive grin on her face. Maiya swore he saw a lone fang pop up from Sayuri’s mouth, but more importantly he saw a marking of some sort on Sayuri’s right (front) collar-bone. Maiya coughed to initiate conversation. “I see…” Sayuri said, still smiling. “You’re interested in the stuff I have in my room? You’re welcome to let me use them on you” Maiya stepped back a bit, taken aback by Sayuri’s sudden burst of enthusiasm. “Well, enough of that…” Sayuri continued on. “We need to discuss business.” Maiya nodded. NOW he was getting into it.


After quite a long time, Maiya had left Sayuri’s room with his clothing in a literal knot. Seii and Tsumiya happened to be walking past and saw Maiya in this deranged state. “Did she try anything on you?” Tsumiya asked in a dumbfounded manner. Maiya nodded. “Understatement…” he mumbled weakly. Seii, alongside Tsumiya, then dragged him along to his room and fixed his clothing riiiight out of the blue. Surprised him as much as it surprised the bystanders who saw the commotion. Really, it was starting to make some rumourmongers suspect something was amiss.


Later that day, Maiya found a restaurant to have his dinner in. After a few moments of ordering and waiting for his food, Sayuri came in, with Rin trying to restrain her. “What’s wro-” Maiya was cut off as Sayuri elbowed her way out of Rin’s grasp and pounced tackleglomp on Maiya fiercely, snuggling at his chest. Rin slapped her forehead and wondered what made Maiya so irresistible to Sayuri. Eventually, Maiya’s huge-ass dinner came along (since Maiya had not eaten for three days straight) but instead of eating it all on his own he shared it with Rin and Sayuri.


During the night, Maiya had already gone off to bed. This time, Sayuri was already lurking within the vicinity of his room, already waiting for the perfect time to strike.


第一章・驚天動地 accompaniment

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Don’t mind all the BBCode.

Sorry for the delay, the long long delay!!!

chapter 1 – the astounding / 第一章・驚天動地

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Along the way to his room, Maiya encountered many different figures and this surprised him quite a bit especially since there were a lot of different people, of different races and different figures. Humans, halflings, those who were tal, and those who were short. It amazed Maiya to see so much diversity within the community he was supposed to intermingle within and to [i]belong[/i] in. He was ignored by everyone, much to his relief, but he was nearing his room. The door was ajar, but was closed tightly when he left and made sure that it was so. Maiya was intrigued, and subsequently neared the door and opened it. Three people were inside his room, all of whom were girls who were taller than he was, but looked surprisingly young. The three of them curtseyed in their modest, white-laced dresses and smiled at Maiya. The halfling boy was shocked in his mind, but tried to act instinctively and calmly. “Do… I know you people?” Maiya asked. The one in the middle shook her head. “Ahah, we completely forgot,” she said. “Well, let us introduce ourselves. My name is Yuria,” she said. “The two to my side are Mayoi to the left and Kakute to the right.”
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私の命: 第四話


LIFE IS HARD. I will write a preview soon. So be patient, please. ;-;”

I’m relocating to another country in just under a month (June 5th or 6th)

I will be out of school after May 31st (to those who are in my school, looking at you 凝月殿) so. During that last week, expect me to write chapter 3 as by then I’ll HOPEFULLY have chapter 2 done. Please bear with me.


私の命: 第三話

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嘘ぉぉぉ!!!Mistake of 僕 is here!
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